Monday, August 2, 2010

Booklist for PubAd!

I had chosen this optional over Physics. No Doubt it was a good decision.This optional has become popular over the years, especially among science and engineering graduates, because of the high marks awarded in this subject and the short time in which it can be prepared (4- 6 months for thorough prep). However, last year there was some balancing act by UPSC and the average marks came down a bit. But I still believe this is going to be a good subject in years to come. Here's my recommended booklist for PubAd:-
1) S Polinaidu, Laxmikanth's PubAd for beginners
2) Mohanty's ( Synergy Classes) Class Notes and his study material. His study should be used to supplement his notes.
3) Fadia and Fadia for reference to topics not covered by above
4) Mohit Bhattacharya after topics have been coverred from above ( gives a depth in conceptual understanding of topics)
Caution: - Do not study Nicholas Henry or Stephen Robbins. Relevant topics from above are well-covered by Mohanty Sir.
Those too eager to get an unmatched depth in Administrative Theories can refer to Prasad and Prasad, but don't get too indulged.
I have not read Fadia & Fadia, I had referred IGNOU material on internet.
Do not underestimate Laxmikanth's PubAd Book thinking that it is meant only for prelim. It is still the only source which provides text on most topics in a lucid and concise way.

1) Indian Administration by Arora & Goyal
2) Mohanty's ( Synergy Classes) Class Notes and his study material. His study should be used to supplement his notes.
3) Shubra Saxena's 50 important topics for PubAd.
Caution: - Do not refer to Special Issues of IJPA, not event the important topics fom IJPA. Its not required.

Some might claim the booklist is too short, but trust me it is more about relating what you know to the question at hand. You might like to refer to Test Discussion notes of Mohanty Sir, if you can find them, to understand what I mean.


  1. Hello Rajiv .. thanks for this blog. My name is Prem Ranjan Singh. I have qualified prelims. this is my first attempt. I have not taken any coaching for pub-ad. Do i need to go through mohanty's notes. I have read almost all books except subhra's one. I scored 80+ in pre just by reading these books.. what would you suggest to me.. thanks in advance :).

  2. congrats Prem...good that you got through Prelims...however do not take mains lightly...there would be a sea change from prelims to mains and you would require a much greater depth in every topic...I suggest you still take up mohanty's notes and go through it...just to check if your prep is shallow in some topics...Best of Luck

  3. hi could you please upload your PUBlic admin notes. or send it to

  4. hi could you please upload your PUBlic admin notes. or send it to


  5. Hi Rajiv,

    I'm currently working and would be giving my first UPSC in 2012. The sunjects that I've opted and started preparing for are PubAd and Sociology. Your valuable suggestions have been conducive enough for us. Keep posting more so that more can benefit.


  6. is it possible for u to mail me your pub ad notes my e mail id is

    1. no yaar its not possible.notes are available only in hard copy.

  7. sir.
    i am to appear mains 2012. history+pub admn. covered history before, just need to do answer writing & revisions (history).but pub admn is new to me, joined classroom programme(pavan kumar) frm june1st. but am afraid that 4 months r not enough to cover evrything,esp pub admn. . plz suggest a plan for me.what shud i read & what i shud not, as am very confused due to temptations for reading various books,(laxmikant.ignou.fadia,bhattacharya.prasad& prasad,
    plz help out...

  8. hello sir,
    you have mention about referring ignou materials...what topics have to be concentrate on ignou materials sir?

  9. sir did you refer to arc reports in paper 2 in pub ad?