Sunday, May 24, 2009

Runup to UPSC Prelims 2009...Part5

11 Days to D-Day...Home Sweet Home
After a tiresome bus journey( they can be treacherous in Jharkhand) I reach Dhanbad. Atleast catching the early morning bus spared me the scorching heat of the day. The moment I step within my doorsteps and touch my mother's feet her face lits up with joy. That look, that happiness, it's priceless. At the same moment my heart feels lighter by a thousand tons. All the turmoil going within comes to a halt. Somehow I forget all that was disturbing me throughout last night, throughout last few months.
Mom brings me a plate filled with sweets and a glass of water. She still thinks I like sweets as much as I did in my childhood. I don't disappoint her. The water is not from refrigerator, but from an earthen pot. Its not chilled but refreshingly cool, more than enough to satisfy my thirst. Refrigerator is only meant to preserve milk and food and for guest who can't do without chilled water. Nostalgia takes over for a few moments. After cooling down I take my bath. When I come out my books have already been setup on my study table. The computer has been packed up. Nobody knows me as well as my mother. Too obvious? Yeah I know its a universal truth. The whole scene reminds me of the days I prepared for IITJEE on this very table, this very room. I have my lunch and get down to business.
Day passes with studies. My focus gets much better if not perfect. I have a chat with my girlfriend and go to bed. Finally when I get down to sleep, I feel happy. Its not the happiness that comes with excitement but with satisfaction and peace. Something that helps your mind to rest and feel good. May be this is it. This is why people get so sentimental about home. No place in the world however cheery can bring you the peace of home. My mind takes a flight to dreamworld. May be this why people would rather die to save their homes than be displaced. May be this the feeling that lies at the heart of patriotism. May be this is where the desire and will to die for one's motherland springs from. I get a calm sleep after several weeks.
Nothing beats the tranquility of home!

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  1. tht peace, tht tranquility is wht gav iit jee its high... nd upsc gives the same high dude